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  Hua Zhen Environmental Protection Technology Co, Ltd. and its Affiliated Companies specializes in the comprehensive management service for destruction and disposal, mainly dealing with overdue products, defective products, unqualified products, counterfeit and shoddy products, quality products, metamorphic products, general industrial products and confidential material handling service, in order to "standard, secrecy, safety and ring" The purpose is to protect and harmlessly destroy the disposal.
  The spirit of "innovation, speed, efficiency, safety, communication" is the spirit of enterprise. With the industrial concept of "limited resources and unlimited circulation", we should achieve energy saving, environmental protection, harmless destruction and disposal, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, maintain the reputation of the brand of the enterprise market, and sincerely provide customers with high quality product destruction service.
  Huatan environmental protection in East China, Southern China, West China, North China and central China has set up a number of large factories to cover the national and provincial cities, providing customers with the collection, classification, transportation, disposal and disposal of waste products. At the same time, the company has established and formed a complete set of standardized system processes to ensure the standardized operation of the enterprise, and has become a complete and comprehensive disposal capability of the environmental service provider.
  Hua Zhen environmental protection has a number of independent innovation core processing technology, in the same industry at a higher level. At the same time, China Zhen Zhen environmental protection, based on the technical support of various universities, scientific research institutions, international associations and foreign partners, integrates R & D, application and development and technical support as a whole, effectively integrating various resources and introducing and introducing the ability of innovation, thus improving the environmental treatment level of China.
  With excellent professional technology and excellent service quality, we have successfully provided high quality services for nearly 1000 customers from various industries such as electronics, communications, manufacturing, trade, energy, logistics and warehousing, including the government and the world's top 500 enterprises. As an international environmental protection and marketing service enterprise, China has paid great attention to environmental protection. Environmental responsibility, committed to the construction of a harmonious and beautiful ecological environment, and set up a high standard of the destruction management process, the implementation of strict environmental standards, the community is highly recognized.
  Looking forward to the future, China's environmental protection is constantly developing and innovating as the growth engine of business, strengthening the core competitiveness, extending and perfecting the industrial chain, realizing the rapid development in China, and making unremitting efforts for the development of low carbon economy and the construction of a beautiful ecological environment at home and in the world.

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