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Remarkable Achievements In The Construction Of Ecological Civilization

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  Just now, Xi Jinping pointed out in his nineteen report: the construction of ecological civilization has achieved remarkable results. With great efforts to promote the construction of ecological civilization, the consciousness and initiative of the whole Party and the whole country in implementing the concept of green development have been greatly enhanced, and the status of the protection of the ecological environment has been obviously changed. The system of ecological civilization has been accelerated, the main functional area system has been gradually improved, and the national park system has been actively promoted. Comprehensive resource conservation has been effectively promoted and energy resources consumption intensity has declined significantly. Major ecological protection and rehabilitation projects are progressing smoothly, and the forest coverage rate continues to increase. Ecological environment management has been strengthened and environmental conditions have been improved. Guiding international cooperation in coping with climate change has become an important participant, contributor and leader in the construction of global ecological civilization.
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