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  In daily life, we use paper materials such as documents, documents and archives. In terms of definition, documents, documents and archives are different things, but in real life, they are only three different ways to call an article. No matter what they define or what they call, they have several common functions -- recording information. And this information may be very important, confidential documents, documents, archives and so on. How should these data be processed after or after the expiration date? Usually, there are three ways to destroy paper materials such as document destruction, document destruction and file destruction. 1, mechanical crushing; 2, slurry regeneration; 3, incineration. Mechanical comminution: smashing machinery to crush, paper documents into strips or small fragments. For small quantities of data, you can take mechanical smash to ensure that information is not outflow. Slurry regeneration: re - dissolve waste paper into pulp and regenerate new paper. For general books, newspapers, cardboard and other information, documents, documents and archives that do not contain confidential information. Incineration treatment: incinerators are incinerated with professional incinerators. It is applicable to the destruction of classified documents, confidential information and confidential files under any condition.

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